Does Money Matter in this Relationship?

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Does Money Matter in this Relationship?

Dear Dr. Alex:

I love my boyfriend so much, but he is not making a lot of money. I am 22, and he says he is comfortable financially. What should I do?


The first thing to do is to recognize your LoveTemperament, your romantic personality type, and what is important to you.

Since you indicate that it bothers you that your boyfriend is not making a lot of money, then you may be the type of personality called the Security Seeker—you value tradition, structure, and security in your relationships. Although you are still young, finding a partner who can provide you with security (emotional and financial) and stability is something that’s important to you.

Consequently, you are best matched with another Security Seeker, a young man who also has the same values, and who wants to create a stable family structure.

If your boyfriend is not that type, when you may need to reconsider the relationship. You may never be happy with him unless he is the type of hard-working and responsible provider who best matches your personality.

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