Knowledge Seeker

Love to read?  Is brainpower a huge turn-on?

Then you and this GuyType could be a brilliant match.

Wonder what to expect from him?


Knowledge Seeker (NT: Intuitive Thinker): 14.8% of the male population. You’ve met your “Iron Man”:  Brilliant, powerful, innovative, and ultimately successful.  His incredible brainpower will stimulate your mind (and body), and his incisive, witty take on life will keep you intrigued and fascinated.

A Knowledge Seeker Guy is a brainy, thought-provoking, and fascinating individual (with emphasis on the word, individual) who marches to the beat of his own dream.  This is a powerful man—in his intellect and ability to come up with unique and world-shaking ideas.

He may be a scientist, lawyer, professor, inventor, engineer, entrepreneur, or a leader in business and government. 

As your partner, he is always engaging and interesting to be with, and you can enjoy his deliciously sarcastic sense of humor and ability to see the world from a surprisingly whimsical point of view.

Also, he is a great strategic thinker, and he can help create a brilliant blueprint for your life together—mixing in the right amount of fun, growth, and accomplishment.

He offers you these great benefits as a lover and lifelong companion:

  • He Makes Things Happen. He is competitive and likes to be successful in everything he does. He will go to great lengths to woo your love interest, and you will have a great time in the process.
  • He promotes interesting experiences. He knows a little about everything and enjoys expanding your intellectual horizons. He may treat you to an afternoon at an art museum where he takes you on a personal tour and explains things to you—capped off by dinner at a trendy fusion restaurant that mirrors the art you just experienced.
  • He is an excellent provider. He loves to win and chooses occupations where he can excel and be rewarded financially. He is determined to succeed and make enough money for both of you to enjoy life. With him, you can feel secure in your financial future together.
  • He lets you know where you stand in the relationship. He is direct and straightforward. If something is not working out in the relationship, he will tell you what is wrong so it can be fixed.
  • He provides natural leadership in your relationship. He has a very strong presence and is very decisive/action-oriented by nature. He meets obstacles head-on to fix them, and you can rest assured knowing that you’re in capable hands.
  • His sarcastic wit is brilliantly funny:  You will laugh your head off as he verbally punctures the self-righteous, pompous, and weak-minded of the world. His sarcastic comedic timing is impeccable.

His intellectual confidence is sexy:  This Brainiac will stimulate your mind and inspire you with his intellect—reminding you that the brain is the sexiest organ alive.

Wonder where to meet him?  You can find out how to find the love of your life in GuyTypes.