About the Author

Dr. Alex Avila is an award-winning clinical and forensic psychologist who holds four graduate degrees, including a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.  A respected college professor, researcher, and bestselling author (The Gift of Shyness, GuyTypes and The 3 Secrets of Happiness), Dr. Avila’s first book, LoveTypes, has been an international bestseller, helping over 40 million followers find compatible relationships and lasting love. In GuyTypes,  Dr. Avila streamlines his classic bestseller LoveTypes  and combines social networking with Myers-Briggs Type compatibility to unveil a groundbreaking system for finding true love by classifying guys into four distinct romantic personalities.

In his work as a forensic psychologist who treats victims of trauma and suffering, Dr. Avila has helped thousands of people transform their pain into power and their fear into desire.

In addition, Dr. Avila is the creator of Love University (now a podcast on iTunes and Podbean)—a multi-platform community of growth and transformation in which people learn how to love themselves, others, and a higher nature. Dr. Avila’s ultimate mission is to help people live invincibly and with love.  He says, “Love is an energy that permeates all things. The secret to ultimate success and happiness is to extend loving energy without expectation. That is the greatest gift of all.”