Meaning Seeker

Do you long to understand life’s biggest mysteries?

Then you and this GuyType could be a meaningful match.

Wonder what to expect from him?


Meaning Seeker (NF—Intuitive Feeler): 13.5% of the male population. If you’ve ever wanted to be romanced like a goddess, then this is the right guy for you. Sensitive, imaginative, artistic, philosophical, poetic, and a true romantic: He is the lover of all lovers.

Meaning Seeker Guys are often deep, philosophical thinkers.

He may be a psychologist, philosopher, teacher, artist, spiritual leader, poet, or he may be involved (or lead) humanitarian/charitable organizations. He is often romantic, loving, and spiritual.

He will see you as a complete person—mind, body, and soul.

The love you share with him will be deep, and you may even develop the amazing love known as Agape—unconditional love—in which both of you love each other in an absolute, no-holds-barred way, in this lifetime (and even in eternity, if that’s your belief system).

He offers you these great benefits as a lover and lifelong companion:

  • He Puts You and the Relationship First. He tends to be selfless, and his first thought is “How will this affect my partner? (He would easily sacrifice his guy’s night out to take you to the opera even though that’s not his thing).
  • He Is a True Romantic. He has a flair for creativity and creating ambiance on dates with special touches (personalized gifts; notes leading you on a mystery romantic hunt). He is the epitome of a romantic man.
  • He loves talking about “Big Ideas.” A Meaning Seeker guy will engage you in deep conversations about psychology, philosophy, the arts, spirituality and the meaning of life.
  • He Exudes Enthusiasm. He has a delightful, contagious enthusiasm about life and the possibilities of your relationship with him. He is motivational, inspirational, and charming all at the same time—able to lift your spirits when you’re down, and pull you even higher up when you’re already feeling good.
  • He Gifts You with Empathy and Compassion. Putting himself in the shoes of others comes naturally for this GuyType. He will sense that you’ve had a hard day at work as soon as you walk in the door, and he will prepare your a bath for you (and give you a back rub) without you saying anything.
  • Generosity is his middle name. He is a giver—he loves to give, even more than receiving. Whether it’s specialized gifts, words of affirmation, or emotional support, the Meaning Seeker thrives on giving all he has to his soul mate (that means you).

He Helps You Achieve Your Fullest Potential. This GuyType places a high value on discovering and living his true identity—while helping you do the same.

Wonder where to meet him?  You can find out how to find the love of your life in GuyTypes.