Security Seeker

Dreaming of that picture-postcard, happy family life?

Then you and this GuyType could be a true-blue match.

Wonder what to expect from him?


Security Seeker (SJ: Sensing Judger): 43.1% of the male population. You’ve found your rock: steady, reliable, traditional, and family-orientated. He is the loyal husband and loving father who will be by your side for life; there is nothing he won’t do for you and the family he loves.

Security seekers often make excellent stable, reliable, and traditional husbands (providers and protectors) and fathers (supportive and dependable). He is not the kind to just play around, or date endlessly. From an earlier age than most men, the Security Seeker guy is already thinking about marriage and family—one of his primary goals in life.  This is a man you can depend on for life—he is stable, loyal, and family-oriented. When you’re with this guy, you can finally say goodbye to the “playa” or womanizer (unfaithful man). The Security Seeker is more than ready to settle down with you and build that happy, secure, and loving family life you’ve always wanted.

He offers you these great benefits as a lover and lifelong companion:

  • He is loyal, hardworking, and dependable. He can provide a solid foundation for the institution of marriage and family (children).
  • He is a calming and steady presence in your life. He believes in the motto, “When things get tough, the tough (him) get going.”
  • He is the most marriage-minded of all the GuyTypes. When he says, “I do,” he means it.
  • His steady presence makes you feel safe, secure, and cared for. When problems and obstacles arise, he is the type who will take charge of the situation and make sure everything is taken care of.
  • He’s wonderful with kids. He can be a great dad to the children you have together, or a wonderful stepdad to your kids (if you have any) from a previous relationship. He enjoys having dinner together as a family and going on family vacations—these rituals can help create a united and loving family environment.
  • He is a good planner and save. He is usually good with money (he knows how to shop for the best bargains and makes sure each dollar goes a long way).

He will always have your back. He’s the type of man who will be by your side for life, and is loyal, dependable, and true.
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