Excitement Seeker

Do you crave excitement?  Do you live for adventure?

Then you and this GuyType could be a thrilling match.

Wonder what to expect from him?


The Excitement Seeker (SP: Sensing Perceiver): 28.6% of the male population.

Get ready and fasten your seat belts—the fun is about to begin. This charismatic and confident guy will bring as much fun, laughter, and enjoyment into your life together as humanly possible.

His middle name is excitement. He was created to bring fun, spontaneity, excitement, and adventure into your life. The Excitement Seeker is the definition of the fun companion who will always keep you laughing, excited, thrilled, stimulated, and “hot” for him and whatever adventure or activity he has planned for you next. Yes, he is also exciting in bed—ready to try new positions, places, or scenarios in lovemaking. When you’re with the Excitement Seeker, you will decide that life is, indeed, an amazing party. He represents the spirit of the wind—spirited, exciting, and with an innate ability to be happy.

He offers you these great benefits as a lover and lifelong companion:

He is great fun to be around, and you will make friends just by being around him. His charismatic nature makes him popular, and he can charm elderly people in stores as well as babies in strollers.

He can be an amazing marketer, salesperson, and promoter. He can sell sand to desert dwellers. As a result, he can be very productive and financially successful (you will enjoy an extravagant lifestyle) if he chooses a career in persuasion or business.

He doesn’t seek to control others (and doesn’t want to be controlled). he likes to relate to others in an open, spontaneous, and carefree manner.

He loves surprises (and he loves to give them). He loves to celebrate everything imaginable—holidays and special moments. If there’s not a special occasion handy, he’ll create one, such as “I’m alive day.”

He is the ultimate playmate. He will lighten your mood when you’re sad or grumpy, and devote himself to your pleasure and excitement, in the bedroom, and outside. He is a pleasure seeker and a pleasure giver.

He is a die-hard optimist. He would rather appreciate what he has than be miserable about what he lacks—he is filled with confidence that the best is yet to come.

With him, life will be a never ending fun time. He loves to bring you flowers, candy, special gifts—whisking you off to exotic locations and fun events; he may even throw you a party, just for the heck of it. He is not just the life of the party; with him, life is the party.

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